Hello and welcome!  My name is Dixie, and I am the owner of Dixie’s Critter Care & Dog Training.

I have always loved animals.  When I was growing up we had a wide variety of animals in our home.  We had the traditional cats, dogs, chickens, geese, roosters and rabbits, but we also had some exotics.  These included tarantulas, snakes, chuckawalla lizards, opposums, squirrels, rats crows, ravens, and  a variety of baby birds that we raised and set free.  While I was growing up my mom used to bring the tarantulas and the snakes to my classroom and educate our class about them, I remember those times fondly.  One year my grandma even made me a spider costume for Halloween.  I loved that costume.  And each year thereafter for Halloween I was some sort of critter.

When our animals got sick we took them to the vet who happened to be my Grandpa.  So as you can see a love of animals goes way back in our family.

After I moved out on my own I continued to be surrounded by critters.  I volunteered for Living Free Animal Sanctuary, YAPS, BARC, and the San Bernardino Humane Society.  I helped train friends dogs and helped with various pet related issues that arose.  I also had my own critters which at that time included a Chow Chow, rabbit and rats.  I attended college and received my B.A. in Psychology.  I worked for a few years as a counselor for victims of Sexual Assault and then returned to school for my Certification in Crime and Intelligence Analysis.  I worked for a year as a Crime Analyst for the local Sheriff’s Department until the grant funding expired.  After that I went to work for a vet office and loved every minute of it.  I worked as a Veterinary Assistant for 6 years and also started my petsitting business at that time.  I also continued to train dogs for friends and family members as well as the local rescue groups.  A couple of years ago I went back to school and got Certified as a Paralegal, I had to leave the vet office while I pursued this full time but maintained my petsitting business.  Once I completed my certification the economy and job market crashed.  It was then that I decided that I was going to turn my part time hobby which was my petsitting business and dog training into a full time business.  I added many new services and now my business is thriving and I could not be happier.  I am doing what I love.

It has been a rollercoaster ride trying to discover what color my parachute is when the answer was sitting on my lap or at my feet the entire time.  I was inspired to start and expand my business because I love animals and I am blessed to have this amazing opportunity to take care of and train all types of critters on a daily basis.

Give me a call today, I would love to meet you and your critters.


 Licensed and Insured

Licensed Be A Tree Presenter

Member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers

Member of United Professional Pet Sitters

Member of Doggone Safe

Be a Tree Presenter

Vet Assistant for 6 years

Volunteered for over 10 years at a variety of rescue groups doing training, socialization, adoptions, hotlines.

I have passed a Criminal Background Check with the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department and have been fingerprinted through Live Scan.

Currently volunteer for B.A.R.C. animal rescue

B.A. in Psychology

Been in business since 2002

Most importantly I am an avid animal lover and would love to meet your critters and see how I can best serve the needs of your family and your critters.


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