Don’t Shoot the Trainer – words from me to you

Excellent words of wisdom for every dog owner.

Nancy Tanner

I think honesty and keeping expectations in check are super important with everything we do.

For example, you’re not going to go from being a couch potato to a Mt. Everest Climber in a day or a week. Period. Time, experience, gaining knowledge, mental and physical conditioning, and a new outlook count for a lot.

So let me get down to it.

The difference between a Master and a Beginner is that the Master has failed more times than the Beginner has even tried ~ anonymous

1. I am a Trainer. This means that I coach people and teach dogs, and in reality a professional observer. My job with people is not to make a new Handler ‘be me’ but rather to encourage them to be the best trainer they can be to their dog. My job with dogs is to show them how awesome learning can be from a human…

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