To Be A Dog!


Ever wonder what your dog hears, smells or see?  Ever wonder why they do a certain behavior? For example when it is windy our Coonhound races around the yard with his nose in the air in pure bliss.  Often times the other dogs follow him around and appear to be looking at him as if he is crazy.  My in-law’s dog Shasta will get up on her back two legs on trails and look around.  Some dogs at dog parks will ignore all of the dogs and enjoy the company of the people.  My dog Yukon allows people to pet him but by his body language I can tell that this places him outside of his comfort zone so after he has been given attention he pulls in front of me for about 30 seconds as if to shake off the nervousness or dispel the adrenaline. (I allow controlled attention because I never want him to become fear aggressive) Our husky steals random things out of the garage such as nails and sandpaper.  I had a dog who used to have to stick his nose down every hole on walks, a habit I had to break because I just knew one time he was going to come up with a snake attached.  Our Coonhound enjoys playing dog with my husband but only my husband.  Dogs are such fascinating creatures.

So next time you are out and about or sitting in the yard with your dog watch them closely and see what you notice.  When you are out you can also get down on their level and see what they see and hear what they hear. You will be surprised.  Unfortunately, we will never be able to smell like they do so we will just have to imagine what wonderful things they smell when the wind is blowing and they have their noses towards the sky.


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