Trail Tales


Our local trails are gorgeous right now.  So many wildflowers.  Yukon and I enjoy the Redlands Conservancy trails, Crafton Hills Open Space conservancy trails, Wildlands Conservancy trails, and Wildwood State Park.

All of these trails are shared by hikers, runners, cyclists, horseback riders and dogs.  Please remember to keep your dog on a leash at all times on these trails.  It is not only for the safety of your dog but for the safety of others especially those on horseback.  Yukon and I encountered a young horse on trail recently that had never seen a dog.  It was wonderful they both stopped and studied each other.  Then I had him sit and the horses proceeded past.  Also, dogs that are on leash often react differently then they would if they were off leash so when an off leash dog approaches an on leash dog they may become reactive because they are tethered to a leash and haven no control over the situation.  I advise all my clients to carry spray shield, a citronella based spray to protect you and your dog on trail.  The other dangers of off leash dogs include rattlesnakes in the brush. They are awake and on trail.   Also, remember water for you and your dog.  I just discovered that Zukes makes a dog treat for dogs on trail, I’m going to order them and I’ll let you know what Yukon thinks of them in a future newsletter.

Enjoy those wildflowers and time in nature with your dog.


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