Will My Dog Protect Me?


A question I’m often asked by my clients is: Will my dog protect me?  My answer is often I don’t know it really depends on the dog, the situation and the bond between the owner and the dog.
I was walking my dog Yukon (husky/shep mix) who loves all other dogs on a trail in Redlands that is deemed as Leash Only for dogs.  On the trail we came head on with an owner with an off leash Doberman.  The Doberman spotted us and made a beeline for us.  The owner called his dog back but the dog did not retreat.  I had Yukon sit behind me as I have trained him to do and I went for my Spray Shield which is a citronella based spray that I have on me at all times for protection and when I have had to use it the spray has proven to be quite effective.  (I have this in stock for $10).  Unfortunately, I did not even have time to pull it out before the dog was upon us, and I quickly learned that this dog was not dog aggressive but people aggressive.  The dog lunged at me jaws snapping and Yukon bolted from in back of me and bit the Doberman on the snout.  The Doberman retreated to his owner.  If Yukon had not come to my aid I’m pretty sure I would have been spending the rest of the day in the ER, this dog was that aggressive.  I never imagined that Yukon would protect me.  I was very proud of my dog for sensing the danger and responding.  So to my clients all I can say is you never know what your dog will do when confronted with a dangerous situation.  Our dogs are amazing creatures and the more bonded to them that we are the more bonded to us they will be.


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