Patience Pays Off

IMG_5780 (2)

At our home we have our dogs sit for each meal. The command is “Back” for them to get in place “Sit” , and then no barking.  If they bark we return to the house with the food ,wait 2 minutes and try again.  Occasionally we throw in a down, watch, touch or crawl for variety and then we say “Release” and the feasting begins. A few days ago we moved the dogs raised feeders to another part of the yard throwing the dogs a new learning curve and adding variety to their life. This also meant stepping backwards in training and having patience. The dogs of course acted out which some would call dominance and some obnoxious. We had barking, jumping, and a variety of behaviors offered from Sit against the screen door to a hand shake or high five. Actually the dogs were not being dominant or obnoxious they were just testing to see what worked since the food dishes changed location. We still expected the same behavior but knew that we would need to step backwards in training, and have patience to establish the old routine in a new location. Finally after many rounds of repetition the old routine was reestablished. However, meantime our dogs offered some pretty cool behaviors and gave us ideas for sow new tricks. This is the ultimate benefit of patience and positive training techniques.


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