Runaway Husky


Siberian Huskies are a challenging breed when it comes to developing a reliable recall.  I remember as a young child chasing our Siberian every time she got loose not realizing that I was making the problem worse by chasing her and turning the whole scenario into a fun game.  Years later I’ve learned a thing or two about my favorite breed.  Yes, I can teach a recall to a husky however I can NEVER become too confident with my dogs, any of them no matter what the breed.  There is a very fine line between relaxing and becoming dangerously confident.  I have watched dogs with amazing recalls fail in certain situations.  Would you come if someone was tempting you with a red velvet cake across the field?  Well then you can’t expect your dog to always be reliable.  I always tell my clients to consider the unexpected and be prepared for it.

I bring this topic up because I’ve had Alusia our current husky for 3 ½ years now.  We got her from a rescue when she was 2 years old.  We brought her home with our other two dogs and put her out in our escape proof backyard and she disappeared.  We looked out front and found one of our neighbors walking her back up the street.  So we put her back into the yard and watched her as she balanced on the retaining wall and made an amazing leap over our fence with a quite a drop on the opposite side.  Of course this time we knew she was out and she played a fun game of chase with us.  So we fixed the husky escape route and I began working with her on basic commands including building a reliable recall good enough for a husky.  Last night I came home from teaching Basic Obedience Class and my daughter had left the door open in our garage so I was met by a Husky and a Coonhound when I opened the garage.  The Coonhound has a great recall and came right to me, Alusia looked at me and said see ya later Mom.  So I calmly got back in my car and drove up the street where she was checking out the local sites.  I got out of the car and squatted down and in my happiest tone, with a car coming our way called to Alusia.  She came running and jumped into my arms.  I was thrilled but yet still cautious.  Alusia knows her recall but whether it will always be reliable depends on the scenario and that is something that every dog owner should always keep in mind.


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