Lesson Learned Part 2


When I was little we had a husky and she lived with us and our golden retriever, shepherd, cats, chickens, ducks, and a rehabilitated crow that could not be released back into the wild.  We had the chickens, ducks and crows separated by a fence.  She lived peacefully with them for 6 years then one day we came home to find all of the chickens, ducks and crow buried in the yard and the husky had jumped back over to her side of the fence.  We found remnants of the animals on her so we knew it was her.  My mom wanted to euthanize her and even then I understood these things happen.  My mom and I talked and talked and ultimately our husky lived out her life with us despite this deadly massacre.  When a beloved pet attacks another creature it is very hard on everyone.  As a trainer I get calls like this on a routine basis, some owners decide on behavior modification training others decide to euthanize.  I never judge but I always tell people that I can never say that your beloved pet will not do this again so you MUST put precautions in place to protect your other pets.

Alusia Sue will live out her life with precautions in place, that is the decision I’ve made.  Like I stated at the end of my last blog she is not a bad dog, she has a high prey drive I know that and she followed it.  Unfortunately,  it was our beloved cat.

Charlie had a rough weekend with home hospital care including steroids, iv fluids, antibiotics, force feeding and most importantly LOVE and ATTENTION.  This morning Charlie ate by himself and yowled (he is like a rooster in the morning; he is a Tonkinese!).  Bottom line is these things are going to happen as long as humans have multi pet households.  The key is to be vigilant about your pet’s activities and monitor closely and always be prepared.  Have emergency vet numbers programmed into your phone.  Most importantly call a Canine Behaviorist if you think that an issue is imminent.


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