Boredom Busters


In our home often times I’m up at 4 or 5 am working on client cases, updating my class manuals, reading through new training material, blogging, etc. Since I am a mom this is the best time of day to get this type of work done. Everyone else in the house sleeps except for our husky Alusia and our husky mix Yukon who get up with me. They go outside into the yard to play while I work. This morning I let them out and enjoyed watching Yukon’s relentless puppy play bows and Alusia giving into a little playtime. Then Yukon got bored. First I had to stop him from nibbling on our new patio swing and then I noticed he was digging a hole to China in the grass instead of using his dig box. So in came the husky and out went the treat ball. Yukon was bored and if I did not give him a job we were in for a very rough morning. So I filled his treat ball with breakfast and set it down in the backyard after asking for a sit. Yukon spent the next hour getting his breakfast out of the treat ball thus saving our swing and grass. When he was done he curled up in his favorite spot in the yard and took a nap.

It is very important for your dog to have a job.  Dogs need both physical and mental stimulation to keep out of trouble.  Hide bones around your yard, get a treat ball, fill a Kong up and freeze it overnight.  All of these activities are ways to mentally stimulate dog and give them a job and a dog with a job makes a happy dog and a very happy owner.


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