Benefits of a Good Settle for All


Ever have one of those days?  Well today was one of those days.  You see I’ve been sick for a few weeks now so my schedule has been quite hectic as I play catch up.  So on my way to my client’s house this morning to administer Sub Cutaneous fluids to their cats I realized I had the baby, but forgot the stroller.  My daughter usually sits in the stroller while I administer the fluids so she is not exploring my client’s home.  As I was driving I was pondering what to do and an idea popped into my head.  When I am training dogs I always teach my clients a settle command.  That settle command always involves a bed, towel, mat or blanket for the dog to rest on.  So I thought why not apply this same technique to my daughter.  So we arrived at my client’s house and I got my daughter out of the car who is almost 22 months old and her favorite monkey blankie.  We walked to the door, my client answered and I explained the unusual situation with my free range child.  So I went in and went into the room where I do fluids for the first cat and spread out her blanket and sat her down with a few toys and YES I did ask her to stay.  Amazingly she did and she was happy.  So when we went to the next room for the next cat I repeated the same thing and she stayed and was happy.  I was so excited.  So our next stop was the Spine and Sport doctor and again I had a free range child.  So I brought in her blanket and a few toys.  Again I spread it out when it was time for my treatment in the room and told her to Stay, and guess what?  She did and she was happy.  Honestly my daughter was much happier on the floor on her blanket then in her stroller so this will be repeated again and again.  Brilliant I thought to myself.  This is not the first time I’ve attempted to use dog training techniques with my daughter, YES I have even clicker trained her.  Most importantly like the dogs I work with who learn the settle command she was happy, safe and relaxed.  So remember teach your dogs the settle command and it works with children too.


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