Stop and Check the Pee Mail


My youngest daughter and I enjoy taking nature walks. When out on our walks we play with sow bugs, lizards, caterpillars, snails. We feel the leaves, the trees and talk about the birds, squirrels, deer and other wildlife we find. It may take us an hour to go a block but this is the most relaxing part of my day.

I’ve had many clients ask me if it is okay for their dogs to sniff the grass while out on walks. My answer always involves a question. Why did you get a dog? Most respond for enjoyment, companionship, to add another family member.  So my response is then let your dogs sniff when you are okay with it, plus it is good for us to also stop and take a deep breath and enjoy the beauty around us. When you are ready to move on start walking, your dog will follow. Sometimes take time to sit cross legged in the grass placing your dog in a down while you enjoy the scenery, again this is good for both you and your dog. Owning a dog should be peaceful and fun for both of you. So stop and sniff the roses and let your dog check the pee mail and then walk on. Happy Earth Day.


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