Caring for Older Pets


Our Coonhound, Hershey will be 8 in October.  I still remember all the changes in our Chow Chow, Samantha when she got older.  She would stand out in the yard and bark, at nothing we could see but in her mind there was something there that needed to be told off.  She would also get lost in our backyard. Hershey is starting to show similar issues.  He is barking more and things that never bothered him before such as the wind are terrifying him. The first thing I did was have blood work done which is what I advise all my clients to do to rule out a metabolic issue.  Hershey’s blood work was normal.  I have a friend with an older Golden Retriever and he is also experiencing age issues.  His blood work was normal but he is barking more and started pawing his owners and trying to get up in their laps.  He has never done this before, and he is not small enough to be a lap dog. Our animals can suffer the same issues that we do with age, dementia, alzheimers, and increase in fears.  Fortunately, within the last few years veterinary medicine has caught up with these changes and there are now several medications available to help make our animals feel more comfortable.  However, the natural remedies have been around for years.  There are Bach Flower essences, acupuncture, herbal remedies, dog appeasing pheromones, which now come in collars, energy work, Composure, melatonin, lavender, Through a Dogs Ear relaxing music for your dog, and much more.  I just ordered a DAP collar for Hershey, I’m going to start with that and give it a few weeks.  If that does not seem to be making a difference I’m going to stop using it and try a Bach Flower mix called Rescue Remedy in his water 3 times a day.  The reason I won’t try them together is because I need to know what is working.  I will also do some energy work with him if he is accepting. These products do work, I’ve seen it but just as with training every dog is an individual so some products may work better on your dog then others.  If your older dog is starting to act strangely first take them in for a physical and blood work and then talk to your vet or a homeopathic vet regarding products that can help.  They are available and our pets deserve it. I will keep you posted on Hershey and what remedy helps the most for him, but remember every dog is an individual and just because one product helps him you may not have the same success with that product but there is a product out there that will help your dog.  And of course patience and love are key.


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