Mayor Max the Mayor of Idyllwild Turns 12


I spent my first 4 years of life in the town of Idyllwild.  My Dad was a Sheriff for Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and was stationed on the mountain.  I don’t remember much about those times but my mom has told me stories about the warm, caring people of this wonderful small town.  When I’ve gone back over the years to visit I have stopped by “The Grey Squirrel” because that was one of the places that had been there since 1952, and it is an amazing store.  Now Idyllwild has a new mayor and I must say he is a tail wagging sweetheart.  Yes, the Mayor of Idyllwild is a Golden Retriever.

I first met Max at the birthday party for Don Robinson who was at the time the Mayor of Banning.  I was honored to meet such loving and caring Mayors, but yes one of them was a dog.  As Idyllwild is a non-incorporated city, it has no human mayor. Idyllwild Animal Rescue Friends (ARF), a non-profit 501(c)(3), sponsored its first-ever election for cats and dogs. Constituents cast their votes via $1 donations each with all proceeds benefiting ARF. 14 dogs and 2 cats were nominated. Mayor Max was inaugurated to his one year term on July 1, 2012.  To learn more about Mayor Max visit his website.

This weekend I had the honor of attending Mayor Max’s 12th Birthday celebration in Idyllwild with my family and our dog Yukon. What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday with people from all over (Max has quite the following) and many, many dogs were also in attendance.  We had a wonderful time.  A reporter talked to my daughter and I from The Valley Chronicle and asked what we thought of a dog for Mayor and we told her we thought it was awesome.  A Mayor with so much spirit and love is the perfect Mayor for any town.  Max asked that guests not bring presents to his celebration but to please donate to Idyllwild Animal Rescue Friends (ARF), it is never too late to donate to this wonderful organization and if you happen to be in the town of Idyllwild watch for Mayor Max and say hello he loves to meet new people.

Happy Birthday Mayor Max.



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