Daisy Runner and Max Walker Review


I am an ultrarunner and spend many hours on the trails with my dogs.  I have tried a variety of hands-free leashes and have always returned to a regular leash, until today.  Today Yukon and I hit the trail for our 11 mile trail run consisting of fire road and single track with the Daisy Runner and the Max Walker Leash.  I had the leash adjusted down to the 4 foot level and this was perfect.  It will extend to 6 feet but personally I think at 6 feet I’d trip over it and go flying. I attached the leash to a flat collar. I would never attach this leash to a choke or pinch.  The waist band was very comfortable and there was no chaffing at the end of my run. I finished my run delighted with this system.

I love the bungee in the Max Walker.  Every once in a while Yukon goes “Squirrel” and does a little tug, the pull on me was almost unnoticeable due to the bungee.  Yukon is trained to loose leash walk, run on one side, and ignores most distractions. For the most part he never lunges at anything on our run, but every dog occasionally has the “Squirrel” moment.  However, if you have a dog that pulls on the leash consistently or lunges at everything this system is not for you.  With the bungee you have little control. Also, if your dog is a puller or crosses in front of you, you have a huge risk of flying over the top of your dog.  If this describes your dog I would advise working with a trainer on loose leash walking and also getting your dog to focus on you throughout you walks or run.  Once your dog is doing this 95% of the time you are ready for the Daisy Walker and Max Runner.

The company that makes this system does sell them from their website but they charge a ridiculous amount for shipping and handling.  I purchased mine from Amazon and it qualified for free shipping and was $5 cheaper.  My cost for this amazing system $30. You do need to measure your waist and select the medium or large Daisy Runner.  Yukon and I give the Daisy Runner and Max Walker 5 out of 5 paws and look forward to using it on our next run.  Let’s go Yukon, Hershey & Alusia Sue!


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