Two Legged Swim Lessons & the Four Legged Equivalent


I have two girls who are furless, they are human.  One of my daughters is 9 and the other is 1.  They both take swim lessons locally.  My 9 year old takes them independently and is working on perfecting her technique.  My 1 year old takes a Parent/Child class with me which means that I listen to the instructor and then I guide her.  The other day in class we were working on having our children WAIT before jumping into the pool.  Our kids climbed out of the pool, and then they turned around and were waiting for our cue to tell them they could jump in.  So all along the pool edge you heard mom’s saying WAIT, WAIT, UH UH, COME.  I felt right at home.  This is no different than dog training.  The next activity we did was the dunk and release.  The instructor explained that we needed to be very calm through this process because our kids pick up if we are stressed out or nervous and will react accordingly.  And sure enough most of the kids did very well but a few did not do so well and if you looked at their parents you could see why.  This is also no different from dog training.  So often in my Basic Classes and Private lessons I work with parents of four leggers who are tense and anxious. Often times they don’t even realize they are tensing up until I bring it to their attention.  Once they realize and learn to relax they are amazed at how quickly their dogs relax and how fast the training that we are trying to accomplish occurs.  So whether you are training your two legger or your four leggers remember to breathe and be calm and patient and you will always get results a lot faster.


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