Confessions of a Handsome DINOS dog


My name is Hershey and I have hijacked my mom’s word press blog for the afternoon.  I am a Coonhound and I have a confession, I am a DINOS dog.  What is a DINOS dog you ask?  A DINOS dog is a Dog In Need Of Space.  You see I love going to the dog park and checking the email of my fellow canines and getting someone to chase me in wild abandon around and around the dog park.  I particularly love Boston Terriers, they are the best.  I also love meeting owners because I know everyone loves me, who wouldn’t?  I am an incredibly handsome boy, okay I know, I know back to the blog.  But you see when I’m on leash I don’t like other dogs to approach me off leash.  It is not my thing, and I will issue a warning bark, then a growl, and then a bite.  My mom is a trainer and has worked with me extensively and I have drastically improved but the bottom line is that I am who I am and I am a DINOS dog.  I have also, seen many other DINOS dogs in my 7 years.  My mom has also told me about many tragedies that have occurred because some people just don’t respect our space.  My mom tells me often we can’t go on trail runs together on particular trails, most recently up in the Crafton Hills because of off leash dogs.  You see many people do not understand that just because their dog is friendly a dog on leash may be a DINOS dog.  People often let their off leash dog come running up to meet me, yelling oh my dog is friendly, while your dog may be but I don’t want him or her in my space.  When another dog comes running up to me they are in my space and I will bark, growl and then bite.  Then the humans get mad but don’t realize they are at fault for not having their dog under control and on leash and respecting my space.  I’m not liable, I’m on leash, I’m under control, but your dog is now in my face and I am a DINOS dog.  You see I’ve hijacked my mom’s blog because I miss our trail runs and hikes together; I love to sniff and meet new people.  I want to return to the trail with my mom but until humans understand that there are many of us DINOS dogs out there and keep their dogs on leash, following the leash laws I am limited to walks around the neighborhood.  This makes me sad and I often give my mom and dad very sad hound eyes, and believe me I have this one down.  So please respect us DINOS dogs and keep your dogs under control and on leash so we can all enjoy the trails together.


Handsome Hershey Hound


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