Dog vs Petsitter

Recently I had a petsitter contact me very distraught because one of her clients small dogs had bitten her ankle when she entered their home for an initial consultation.  The owner of the dog responded “it must be you he likes us”.  The petsitter then thought that it must have been something she did to provoke the bite, thus her call to me.  First, I told her I was very sorry that the owner did not take this issue more seriously.  If this dog had been a large dog, and caused damage then the situation would have been handled very differently.  I also, advised her to let the owners know that she will be unable to take  the job until they seek professional training for their dog.  Then I walked  the petsitter step by step through what happened right before the bite.  From her account there is nothing that she could have done to provoke this attack.  I’m pretty sure that either these clients do not have people over very often or the dog has bitten before and they have just brushed it off like they did with her.  The sad thing is that until the owners realize that this behavior is not okay, every person who enters that home is at risk including children.  It is not okay for any dog to bite unless their owner is being attacked.  In the future I advised the petsitter to ask that clients have their dogs in crates, behind baby gates, or outside at initial consultations.  Then once she has been able to check over the dog’s body language the dog can be released for a meet and greet.  Remember it is never okay for your dog to bite someone, and if they do you are liable.


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