To Crate or Not to Crate that is the Question?


Last night we decided to allow Yukon our latest rescue pup to sleep outside of his crate. When we adopted him he was not potty trained and he is also a very big chewer. However, last night he was exhausted from a dog hike earlier in the day in which he rolled in horse poop which landed him a doggie bath. So he was sound asleep on a dog bed. We left his crate open just in case he decided to go in and left him sleeping on the dog bed. About 1am I heard a rustling, Yukon had awoken and panicked to get in the dog crate. In his panic he had shut the door to the crate and was trying to open it with his paw. I got up opened the gate and he settled into the crate and went back to sleep. I can only imagine he woke up, was not sure where he was and then fled to the safety of his crate. In hindsight perhaps we should have woken him an put him in his crate to avoid the panic. Yukon also has many fear issues.

I love crates. Almost every dog does wonderful in a crate. I strongly encourage crate training whether your pup is a puppy or an adult. Crates are a place where your dog can feel secure. If you have children they are also a place your dogs can go when you use the command “crate” and what I refer to as a success station. This is because crates set everyone up for success. They allow your dog to be a part of the family but also provide your dog with a safety zone. We have a 10 month old daughter and our crates are an area that she is not allowed to explore. We also, have a coonhound who has given up his crate for the security of sleeping under the end table. That is his crate. We also do not allow our 10 month old to enter into that area. Our dogs know that these are safe areas for them and that makes it much safer for everyone in our home.

If you are interested in crate training call me today. Our dogs love their crates and yours may too.


One Response to “To Crate or Not to Crate that is the Question?”

  1. Roseann Says:

    Totally agree – two of my dogs have crates in the house, sometimes they are locked in and other times not. But even when the door is open they will go in THEIR crate and relax.

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