No Bunnies for Easter


I am starting to see pet stores advertise that they have Easter Bunnies for sale, please refrain from buying a bunny for Easter.  The House Rabbit Society states that 95% of bunnies bought for Easter will not make it to their first birthday.  Why?  Because bunnies are a commitment.  An average life span is 8-10 years. My Willy lived to be 15.  They need a special diet, are extremely fragile, and are master of disguises when it comes to illness.  Which means that when they do get sick you usually have less than 24 hours to find a vet and get them treated.  Not all vets treats bunnies, some consider them exotics and there are many medications they cannot take.  Also, it is important to get them spayed and neutered which helps extend their life.  They are extremely sensitive to heat since they have no way of naturally cooling down their bodies.  Long gone is the day of the bunnies in backyard hutches especially here in Southern California with our hot summers.  You are looking at a house bunny and with that comes bunny proofing.  So please fill that Easter Basket with cute fluffy stuffed bunnies and if you really want a bunny do the research first, The House Rabbit Society is an excellent place to start and then adopt a rescue bunny, don’t buy from the pet store.