Digging Time

“Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it” … Tori Amos 

This weekend went to the dogs.  Well most of it.  My husband was very busy installing our second alarm system, the first being our dogs of course who sound off with a howling rendition to notify us of our guests arrival.  When my husband was done with that he started construction on Yukon’s Dig box and the story follows….

We adopted Yukon from BARC/BMDR rescue who adopted him from the San Bernardino City Shelter.  Yukon has a lot of fear issues, thus the reason I placed the quote at the top. Also he is a 1 year old husky/shep mix with a lot of puppy in him.  We have secured the important items in the backyard, like placing fencing around trees, hoses, barbecue, etc.  But the ground well that has been fair game, and I think he is digging a hole to China.  So we decided we would take my training advice that I give clients everyday and that is to construct a digging box.

My husband loved the idea because it meant a trip to his favorite toy store by the name of Home Depot.  Our dig box was built with wood, hinges and most importantly Child play sand, and lots of stinky manure.  Oh boy a dogs dream!  To finish it off I buried various treats and sprinkled the top with Duck Scent which can be bought at any sporting good store.

This morning we let the dogs examine their dig box and were they ever pleased.  We will keep you posted on our results.  With Spring coming I’m hoping to do some non dog assisted planting while the dogs play in their very own dig box.

Check out my website for video footage of the dig box experience.

Happy Digging!


One Response to “Digging Time”

  1. Cappi Duncan Says:

    I’ve never heard of a dig box–think that is what mine need!

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