Why I support BARC/BMDR

For the last couple of years I have donated my time and money with BARC/BMDR rescue.  Many years before I became a volunteer for them I adopted my Siamese cat Plei Ku from them and just this year adopted my handsome Shepherd/Husky mix Yukon.  BARC/BMDR is a 501(c)3 corporation which means that all donations, adoption fees, donated items, etc. are tax deductible.  BARC/BMDR raises funds to help homeless animals both cats and dogs and to promote spaying and neutering in the Inland Empire.  I support BARC/BMDR for many reasons but the main reasons I support them are:

  1. BARC/BMDR is “No Kill”.  Dogs and Cats are never returned to the shelters.
  2. BARC/BMDR takes back all dog and cats that are adopted out,  if for some reason the owner is no longer able to or willing to care for the pet.  Very few rescues do this!
  3. BARC/BMDR rescues, rehabilitates and places over 550 dogs and cats per year.
  4. BARC/BMDR needs funding to help purchase their location in Cherry Valley. Their location is not funded or leased from the city.  Therefore, money is needed to make this location a permanent sanctuary for rescues until they find their forever homes.
  5. BARC/BMDR is made up almost entirely of volunteers.  Kennel Attendants are a necessary paid position and are kept to a minimum number of hours, and the President barely makes enough to cover her mileage expenses.  The money goes to the cats and dogs.
  6. The President and volunteers especially the foster parents all have amazing hearts and everyone is united together to find every pet possible a loving home.

So when you are looking for a rescue group to donate your time or money too I would suggest making al ist of the things you most value from an organization and making sure that the rescue you choose has all of those traits.

To donate to BARC/BMDR please go to www.barconline.com

Thank you.


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