Giving a Pet for Christmas

This morning in our local paper I read a very disturbing headline “Pets make Perfect Gifts for the Whole Family”.  One of the local rescue groups has reduced the cost of adopting pets for the Christmas Season.  I will agree there are so many homeless pets looking for their forever homes, that placing as many as we can into those forever homes is the goal of rescue.  However, like I said “forever” homes.  It would be wonderful if every rescue pet could have a Home for the Holidays but I can never advocate giving pets away as Christmas presents because too often these are the pets just like the Easter Bunnies and chicks given away at Easter that wind up back in the shelter.  Getting a pet requires research and commitment.  You need to know that this is the right pet for your family so it is important for the entire family to discuss getting a pet.  Then there are considerations for the other pets in your family and helping them to adjust to the newcomer.  Allotting money for basic and emergency vet bills. Making sure you and your family have time to spend with your new pet including considerations for obedience classes.  So in my opinion Pets do not make perfect gifts and should never be given as a gift.  Every critter deserves a home, but it must be the right home for it to be their forever home.


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